About Julie

There is so much I could say here but what I really want to do is get to know you and determine together the best way I can work with you to move your plans and goals forward.  I am available to work with entrepreneurs and business owners to identify revenue growth opportunities and remove obstacles to growth; I can deliver custom workshops for teams that need to create growth, develop branding and improve communication among each other and clients; I can lead personal immersions to develop strategies for goal setting and reintroducing yourself after a massive personal change (like divorce, layoff, etc) and I can be hired to merge both my business and creative mind to guide a powerful photography session where we document the process of growth, the shedding of old wounds and the birth of new perspectives.

I am a problem solver, a motivator, strategist, and speaker. I have been called an “inspirational mentor”, a “soul-coach”, the “Betterment Coach”, a muse, a sprite, a force that enables others to significantly improve their lives and businesses by engaging in powerful candid conversations.

Working with me is like getting a CEO, a marketing director, a writer, a coach, a brand development consultant and a mentor all in one.  Think about how great your business or your personal life would be if you had a session with someone who can add value to any area of your life without restriction on what you could discuss or work on?

How do I do what I do?  I get this question a lot and to answer it is difficult — I combine my own lifelong journey of reflection and growth and learning with my love of business and combine it a unique experience of conversational learning.  Some of what I do is intuitive, and some of what I what I do is empirical and tangible.  I ask difficult questions and help people pull back layers to uncover obstacles and then develop tangible plans for change.  I am a woman who will tell you what she sees, not what you need to hear. I have a beautiful mind, left and right brain fully engaged. And maybe that is why sometimes people have a difficult time figuring me out. My suggestion? Don’t bother. Just commit to the experience and come ready to work.

Those who work with me should block the time and dedicate it solely to their experience. They should be ready to write, to take notes, to work on concepts and ideas and they should also be willing to be very candid about their own fears, desires, knowledge and shortcomings.  Getting real, getting candid, getting authentic can lead to getting aggravated and irritated and that’s okay, I just need you to commit to keep going through that part and believe that on the other side is the answer.

The one thing I know with certainty is that I can help you grow. I can work with you to make your life better. In any and every area.  You just have to promise to show up, commit to shedding old ways of thinking, be proud in your accountability and engage in a boldness that will feel uncomfortable at first but will take you to new and unexpected opportunities.

I have a corporate and sales background, a management background, a strategy background, and am an intuitive coach.  I have all of that and if you’d like to hear it please contact me and we can talk about it. But all you need to know about me right here and right now is that I am happy you’re here. And if there is any part of your life and business that you think you would benefit from making it better — I can help you figure out a way.

I am the founder of www.DivorceGlow.com an educational experience in the works that will teach women how to get their divorce glow and create successful and intentional fresh starts in life as well as www.FirstTimeSelling.com  where as a Realtor/Broker I used my unique business approach and experience to provide first-time real estate sellers in transition due to divorce, empty nest, relocation or down-sizing with precision-pricing, staging expertise, clear communication and guidance through the sales process.

I have also emerged in the last few years a photographer with work featured in several shows and galleries.  You can see some of my work throughout this site and I include in my personal growth immersion photography sessions.